Ross Nelson

Hi, I'm Ross!

I am a software developer and a photographer from Omaha, NE.

Code wrangler

While many developers focus on a single stack for much of their career, I am more of a generalist. I have always loved learning new languages. Over the years, I have worked professionally in C++, C#, PHP, Java, and VB/VB.NET. For personal projects, I've focused primarily on Ruby and Python.

There is value in becoming an expert in a certain stack, but I also see value in experiencing what others have to offer. Being able to hit the ground running using one stack is great when starting a new job, but having experience with a wide array of options makes it easier to choose the right tool for the job.


The languages I've frequently used recently in are Ruby, Python, C#, VB.NET, and Visual Basic 6. Yes, really, lots of VB6 over the last two years.


I have done a little iOS development in RubyMotion, Objective-C, and Swift recently. I plan to continue developing on iOS and possibly branch out to Android.


I know my way around Windows Server fairly well, but I'm much more at home in the UNIX world. At home, many of my servers run FreeBSD, but my production servers elsewhere run Linux.

Modern Development

I'm a strong believer in modern development practices. At work, I've pushed for good code organization, testing, and documentation.


You can find an assortment of projects I've written on my GitHub and Bitbucket accounts.

The Food Inspections project is one I am particularly proud of. Originally a Hack Omaha III weekend project, Dustin and I have spent countless hours working on it. The current version is a small Ruby app using Sinatra, but for our rewrite I decided to learn Django.

Picture taker

Since I was young, I've been fascinated with photography. I still remember going on a field trip in elementary school and being allowed to take my mom's camera. Few, if any, of the pictures I took, actually turned out, but I loved them nonetheless.

During college, I gained a reputation amongst my friends as the "documentarian" of our group. I brought my point-and-shoot camera with for all of our social outings, taking thousands of pictures over the span of a few years.

Since graduating, I've upgraded to far better gear and taken many thousands of additional pictures. Events, scenery, people, and weddings—I've taken pictures of most everything.


My primary camera is a Nikon D90. I also have a Nikon D80, but it's not in a working state at the moment. Much of my photography is also done on my iPhone.


My Pictures

Most of my pictures live on my Flickr account. Many random shots are posted to my Twitter and Facebook accounts, and I occasionally post images to my Instagram account.

Get in touch

I love meeting new people. Send me an email, find me on your favorite social network, or find me at a local user group. I'm currently very active in Open Nebraska, but I'm trying to also make it to some developer-centric groups as well.

My résumé is also available.